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Creative Bath Idea

The Bathroom remodeling designed by Intra D├ęcor applies a lot of creative idea with color and tiles to make it a very relaxing place. We effectively plan to renovate within budget and timeline.

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Chic Bathroom Interior

Intra Decor aims at providing exclusive high-end interior design and renovation services to make your Bathroom stands out.We offers our clients designs with clarity and discretion. Every project that we undertake bespoke of its exclusivity and individuality.

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Bathroom Fittings & Accessories

We provide all necessary Bathroom Renovation services, materials, labor and fittings and Accessories along with specialized team to renovate your Bathroom. Our experts will provide you with reasonable estimates and further details on the basis of your requirements.

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Every client is unique so is his expectation from us. They want a value of their money and we do everything to earn their trust and approval. We not only deliver end to end solution rather we add value to it.

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Complete Bathroom Renovation
Remodeling of Bathrooms
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Bathrooms, Painting
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Putty & Roller Finish
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