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Commercial Renovation

Total Apartment Renovation Services

Total Interior Renovation

An array of commercial remodeling and renovation services rendered by our team which has been trained specifically to deliver mega task within a timeline. ur commercial renovation service deals with strip malls, offices, retail stores, restaurants, public facilities and more.

Studio Apartment Remodeling and Remodeling

Studio Remodeling

Exceeding clients expectations while renovating their apartment is what our team focus on when they attempt to design and execute an renovation project. Detailed designing along with proper material specifications and milestone based experts supervision tracks the project progress to keep quality and timeline in control.

Complete Civil Renovation of a Apartment

Civil Renovation Project

A lot can be changed in the internal layout of an apartment, proper planning and managing civil, electrical, plumbing, steel fabrication, doors and windows replacement, wood work uplift, installing security systems, appliance etc is a daily routine of people at Renox. Avail our specialized services for civil alterations.

Apartment Renovation Cost Details

Apartment Renovation
Silver Plan:

Total = Rs. 

Gold Plan
Bathrooms, Kitchen, Painting
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs. 

Platinum Plan
Area in Sft:

Total = Rs.