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About Us

Intra Decor is Navi-Mumbai Based multi–disciplinary Interior design Company Offering service and Interior Design Consultancy for Home Decoration, Office renovation , Modular Kitchen , Modular furniture , POP(false ceiling) and many different services.

Since the year 2010 when this company has created a Niche for itself by introducing elegant and modern functional concepts of Designing and Home Decoration at an affordable price besides finishing the projects in a time-frame that gets client relaxing experience when one moves in.

We have successfully completed numbers of project in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Lonavala, Pune, Satara, Solapur and now opening our operation in Varanasi(UP).

Our core expertise lies in design of private residences, corporate office, shop, Hotels and Villas.

The company has been working on numerous turn-key projects.

Now the company has been working on several key projects in and around Navi Mumbai, Pune, Satara.

Every project we undertake, first prepare a comprehensive Blue-Print by analyzing every aspect of the job.

Right from sketch design to final handover of project we take care of false ceiling(POP), Modular Kitchen, plumbing, landscaping, lighting, air conditioning, security system, water seepage, leaking everything we make detailed study to make our effort effective and efficient to deliver result that clients really cherish. These splendid deliverance are possible bcoz The Team of experts Technician and consultant we have - whose in field experience of number of years equipped them with required management skill and technical know-how to understand the ideas and objective of Job.

We never make any compromise with the quality of the product that we use in our task .In order to curb any scope of malfunctioning due to the spurious products flooding the market we have started our own product line Used in this industry. Various product like Plywood, Hinges, Telescopic channels, Laminates, Locks, Kitchen items, trolleys, Abortapes of High quality Brand of assured quality we offer through our in-house arrangement which gives quality and confidence.

We are driven with a passion to deliver complete Interior Design Solution. Delivery of high level of design excellence to create a relationship of trust and confidence with Clients.

Question And Answers

What is the cost of Home Construction?

For economy Rs.1,300/-, For Modest Rs.1,600/-, For Premium Rs.2,200/- & For Luxury Rs.4,500/- per square feet or Sqft.

How can I save on my Home Construction cost?

You can choose low cost yet long lasting finishing materials for reducing the overall cost of Home Construction.

Can I get an exact estimate for the Home Construction Project?

Yes, when you select standard plans and materials, an exact estimate can be prepared for the Home Construction project.

What is the Per Sq Ft Cost of Home Construction?

Refer our detailed page on Cost of Home Construction Per SqFt

When shall I approach companies for Home Construction?

Once you get an approval for Home Construction from the concerned authorities like municipal office, you can approach Home Construction contractors, companies or Firms for the Home Construction work.